Our commitment runs deep.

Providing water where it’s needed most.

Better water. Better lives.

Beneath the Ross & Squibb Distillery lies the Great Miami aquifer, a supply of groundwater that has allowed our distillery to thrive since the early 1800s. But this is not something we take for granted. We believe that access to clean water shouldn’t be a luxury but rather a resource that allows all communities to live healthy lives.

This is why Ross & Squibb is committed to providing access to clean water to developing communities around the world.

Partnering for good.

Waterboys, an initiative of the Chris Long Foundation, was founded by two-time Super Bowl Champion and 2018 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, Chris Long. The 501(c)3 nonprofit has a mission to serve overlooked communities by providing clean water and education both domestically and internationally. The Waterboys Initiative creates sustainable water solutions for those communities. Well Aware, a nonprofit organization that manages the drilling and construction of water projects, has also been included in the partnership to bring our shared commitments to life.

The Chris Long Foundation & Waterboys & Well Aware

You can’t spell community wellness without a well.

The Oloile community, located in Kajiado County, Kenya, suffers from an acute water shortage. Known for being a remote, arid region, it receives less than 80 mm (roughly 3 inches) of rainfall annually. This causes both water scarcity and significant water contamination, resulting in severe health risks for its community of 1,600 members.

Access to clean water—made possible by a deep borehole well, elevated water storage and a water distribution system—will help this community live safer, healthier, and longer lives.

“Their funding and dedication to this cause helps us extend our impact, offering a lifeline to communities in dire need of clean water.”

Chris LongThe Chris Long Foundation

Access to clean water for all.

Building the well for the Oloile community will significantly alleviate the health risks of the residents and allow them to devote more time to education, economic opportunities, and other priorities. In addition to improving community health and welfare, the project will empower the local school and families to grow small vegetable gardens, further enhancing community nutrition and wellness.

Timeline for development


Early 2023

Partnership between Waterboys and Ross & Squibb begins

May 2023

Drilling phase begins

June 2023

Drilling phase completed

Late Summer 2023

Project completion expected summer 2023

"To say that the community is excited about the possibility of a community well in the Oloile community would be an understatement. They are overjoyed. In every interaction with a community member on our visits, they will not fail to mention how deeply they appreciate the help and how much this system will change their lives.”

Joe MbagiaCommunity Manager, Well Aware

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